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I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

March 1, 2023

Ever feel clueless, like you have no idea what you are doing? You think you have it all under control; you have a routine that works. Then you get pitched a curve ball.

All of sudden (or slowly for some) things aren’t working the way they used to. Because dementia is chronic and degenerative, as damage to the brain is done, your loved one may not react/act like they normally would, say things they normally wouldn’t say, and have a decline in skills. Some of this may be caused by the type of dementia they have, where it is in the brain, and how quickly it progresses.

So, what do you do in those moments? It’s so important for us to try and stay relatively calm in those moments and understand that this person is living with dementia, and they may not be able to control everything they say and do. It can be a challenging situation to be in, so it’s okay to feel like you don’t know what you are doing. You might have a lot of things bouncing around in your head about whether or not you are cut out for this; is it time to start the process of looking into Assisted Living with Memory Support; how can you get a break for just a bit. Those thoughts are completely normal, too.

This is why finding a Stronger Together Support Group in your area can be a great way for you to be with others who are also caring for a loved one with dementia. Others may have a different way to help or give suggestions on what could be switched or sustained in particular situations. In addition, if you choose to move to an Assisted Living community with Memory Support, by being a part of the Stronger Together Support Group, you have others who have made the same decision and can share their experiences with you. Mainly, though, it’s about friendship and support, a safe place for you to share things. You aren’t alone in this journey.

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